In these somewhat turbulent times, people are looking for something that feels familiar. They want to surround themselves with things that make them feel comfortable and warm. They want something traditional in feeling, but with a modern perspective and look. We’ve created a collection that embodies this concept, but have stayed true to the Carnegie core tenet of performance. In doing so, we have created a collection with a new look, a new VIEWPOINT towards the way people are living and working now.


What’s more familiar than a floral pattern? We’ve simplified the flower to just one simple element - the petal. Using that motif and pairing it with lifting yarns, we’ve literally elevated this upholstery fabric and given it a bold, modern look. Available in six colors from classic neutrals to a bold, fresh citron color.

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Emblem is a soft chenille upholstery, but with a twist. Built into the weave structure of the fabric is a shrink yarn that once off the loom, gives this fabric dimension and structure that really comes to life when upholstered: a basic chair is suddenly infused with depth and materiality, but with a soft hand that is also bleach cleanable and highly durable.

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Mineral, part of our Elements Value Performance Upholstery line, is your go-to, well priced, high performance upholstery plain that comes in a long rich color palette. It has a very subtle sheen, so it pairs nicely with something like Tartan that has more of a dry hand, they really start to compliment each other. Mineral comes in 13 rich earth tones.

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Framework, a simple but bold upholstery pattern, is bleach cleanable, high performance and has a 5 year warranty. Referencing a classic check, but we’ve enlarged it and created the lines with colorful dashes that look like stitches across the face of the fabric, giving it almost an embroidered look.

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The first pattern in our Element Value Performance Upholstery line, Entwine not only performs well, but is incredibly priced. It references a very simple graphic check, but is interpreted in a very organic, painterly way that makes it feel fresh. And we’ve chosen six bold, bright easy-to-use colors.

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Inspired by very traditional Scottish wool plaids, Tartan is the epitome of warmth and familial associations, but instead of a scratchy heavy wool, we’ve updated the look using a soft chenille. It gives the upholstery fabric an amazing hand, so you don’t mind wrapping yourself with it.

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Outline is our new structured upholstery fabric that has incredible loft built right in. The pattern is simple, the colors classic and the look - modern.

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Perspective is our new indoor/outdoor Sunbrella upholstery that features a 5 year warranty. The organic brushstroke pattern easily creates a very signature look without being overwhelming. It's a bold, patterned plain, a stripe that ties all of the other fabrics in your scheme together.

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Another new addition to our Elements Value Performance Upholstery line, Instinct is the perfect combination of a multi-colored upholstery plain that fits seamlessly into any scheme. With incredible performance, there's nothing basic about it.

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Pigment is a versatile polyester velvet that is part of our Elements line. It features a long color line so you have all the classic beautiful neutrals that you always need, as well as the bold, chic colors that you want, like gold, terra-cotta and teal.

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April 2020

To our valued clients and partners:

Carnegie is open for business during the COVID-19 crisis while safeguarding the health and welfare of our workforce:

  • All sampling services remain open and active including overnight delivery
  • All our Design Ally services ( Resourcing & Artform layouts) are being performed
  • Our Creative & Service teams are working remotely but remain fully active and ready for your requests as many of you are working from home
  • All our Salespeople remain available by phone and email for questions and are providing virtual presentations of our latest products and services
  • We continue to ship orders while following the strictest protocols for safety

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800 727 6770. You will continue to receive the outstanding service we are known for during this difficult time.

  • Carnegie COVID-19 Update from our CEO. Learn More