Xorel Artform Baffles Application

Xorel Artform is a versatile acoustical panel system that combines the beauty and performance of Xorel textiles with proven sound absorbing capabilities to transform interior ceiling spaces in form and function without disruption.

Vertically Suspended Ceiling Baffles

Xorel Artform Baffles are high performance, acoustic panels that enable distinctive design statements to be made from above. Instead of being limited to a monolithic material or simply a graphic color story, Xorel Artform’s two-sided upholstered baffles can deliver texture, bold patterns and hundreds of color options offering design versatility for every project.


Artful Possibilities

Offered in 4 standard shapes and a variety of scales for this application. Mix and match fabrics, colors, and thicknesses for an additional level of detail.


Open spaces present a constant challenge in regards to acoustics. Xorel Artform panels deliver highly effective sound absorption and echo reduction while offering tremendous creative design opportunities. Xorel Artform Baffles are available in the Quiet-Core Plus substrate.

Colors & Patterns

With over 350 Xorel colors, patterns and textures to help you realize your design vision, Xorel Artform’s versatile design options transform any interior space no matter how large or small.

Installation Methods

Fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up, Xorel Artform is the optimal solution to address post occupancy acoustical issues. Ceiling Vertically Suspended Baffles (using rods) Xorel Artform Baffles are manufactured with ready-to-fasten hardware for ceiling suspension. Installation materials, including hanging rods, for vertically suspended baffles are included in each box set.


Xorel Artform Baffles are priced and sold in box sets of the same shape, size, and substrate. Up to 2 fabrics/colors can be used per box. Each box includes all installation materials. Cost is relative to area covered and shape size. All Xorel Artform panels have a 5-year Warranty and a 4-6-week lead time.

Endless Design Opportunities

With limitless design possibilities, Xorel Artform provides boundless opportunities for designing unique environments in hotels, healthcare, offices, schools, hospitality and beyond. You can design yourself or let our complimentary design support service team design with you.

Arc ShapeArc Shape


All Xorel Artform panels are crafted with beveled or rolled edges and clean, contoured corners for superior fit and finish. Developed with proprietary techniques to ensure laser precision accuracy specifically for the use of Xorel textiles.

Hex is available in the 4 shapes listed below for Baffle Application and can be used on Ceilings with our Quiet Core PlusTM substrate. 


  • Quiet Core PlusTM - Acoustical Substrate | NRC 1.05

Arc Gallery

Xorel Artform Design Services

Offered as a complimentary service, the Xorel Artform Design Ally™ team can generate prompt design layouts and make pattern/color suggestion based on your design narrative.

Renderings and budget projections are also provided to support your specific requirements.

About the Brand

Carnegie Xorel

Xorel is Carnegie’s high performance, innovative and sustainable interior textile. Xorel was designed from a simple 3-part premise:

- Create a textile whose high performance is inherent to the raw material.

- Leverage its woven construction to enable a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities.

- Ensure that its affect on the environment is always minimal and could always be improved.

Why Xorel Artform?

Fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up, Xorel Artform is the optimal solution to address post-occupancy acoustical issues. Panels are lightweight and install simply, eliminating the high labor cost associated with rail and hardware systems. 

Leverages the high performance of Xorel textiles

  • Durable and colorfast
  • Antibacterial
  • Easy to clean/bleach cleanable
  • Free of chemical finishes
  • 3rd Party Certified for sustainability
  • Lab tested
  • Over 350 colors, patterns and textures

Available in more than 350 colors, patterns and textures, Xorel provides boundless opportunity for designing unique environments in hotels, healthcare, offices, schools, hospitality and beyond.


How are the panels sold?

Xorel Artform is sold in box sets.

Box sets include panels that are the same shape, size, substrate fabric and color. Installation materials and printed installation guides are also included. For more information view our Pricing page.

What are the panel thicknesses?

Quiet-Core™ is available in 1” thickness and Quiet-Core Plus™ is available in 1 1/8” thickness. Mi-Core™ is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thickness. Artform 3D panels are 1 7/8” thick.

Can custom shapes be created?

A custom shape concept can be submitted for review. Product engineers review the concept for proper tiling functions and if the custom shape can be upholstered properly quotes can be generated. Minimums and design/mock up fee will apply and vary based on request.

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