Seeking design possibilities beyond weaving, embossing provides a sense of handmade artistry which creates an interesting counter play to this modern, technical material. This artful process leaves intact the remarkable wear and maintenance properties of the Xorel material.

Nile Emboss

Nile Emboss takes us for a walk on the wild side. This gator inspired, large scale, full width embossed pattern is stunning when installed in all applications – amazing and impactful as wallcovering, seating & headboards.

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Bloom Emboss

We explore trending biophilic design with flora and fauna! Bloom Emboss is a mid scale, organic flora design texturally enhanced but with the nuances of our Biobased Xorel pattern, Dash.

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Parchment Emboss

Parchment Emboss is a Biobased Xorel pattern inspired by the look of classic seersucker fabric constructions. Parchment is a dry, plaid like texture, tonal in coloring, that will be easy to use in all types of interiors.

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Xorel Artform Acoustical Panels

The New Xorel Emboss patterns are available on Xorel Artform.