What is Xorel?

Xorel is Carnegie's high performance, innovative and sustainable interior textile. Xorel was designed from a simple 3-part premise:

  • Create a textile whose high performance is inherent to the raw material.
  • Leverage its woven construction to enable a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities.
  • Ensure that its affect on the environment is always minimal and could always be improved.

Xorel's Versatility

Xorel is a stunning finish solution for a variety of end uses:

Xorel's High Performance

Xorel is the most thoroughly tested interior textile material on the market. More than 65 independent tests vet its performance and characteristics in areas as varied as durability, cleanability, acoustics, indoor air quality, bacterial resistance, etc.

Xorel's Sustainability

Xorel leads the market in sustainability. From its C2C Silver Certification in 2007 to the ground breaking launch of Biobased Xorel in 2013, which is now C2C Gold certified, Xorel proves that beauty, performance and sustainability can be achieved in one product without compromise.


Xorel is not a "look". It is a commitment to design, performance and sustainability that speaks to the nature of Carnegie. We invite you to explore the vast design options and creative applications that can be realized in this unique material.