Proven Performance

Xorel is performance proven on thousands of installations across the globe for 30 + years. All its durability, ease of cleaning , resistance to tearing and lightfastness properties are inherent to the yarn itself. Its woven construction strengthens the yarn’s core attributes. Most importantly – there are no finishes or coatings added to the face of the fabric – no additional chemistry, nothing to wear off over time – significantly reducing its environmental impact.


From 200,000 to 1 million double rubs on the Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test.


Solution dyed.
Cleanable with a variety of cleaners (including diluted bleach).
Color not affected by cleaning products.

Stain Resistant Yarns

Stains do not penetrate the yarns.

Easy to Clean

Can be aggressively cleaned on the wall with water, solvent and diluted bleach.
Cleanable X Protect backing technology.
Cleaning Instructions PDF

Advanced Backing Systems

X Protect Wall backing allows cleaning without affecting installation.
X Protect Sit is a permanent liquid barrier beneath the textile.
Additional backings available for panels, moveable doors, headboards, etc.


Inherently antibacterial, fungal and staph.

Lab Tested

60+ performance and safety tests.
Low VOC.
Test Results PDF


Clean production.
No topical or chemical finishes.


10-year warranty.