Xorel is an innovative and industry leading finish solution. Technologically advanced and environmentally sound, this problem solving material is widely trusted by interior designers, architects and facility managers for their building projects.

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Xorel is a woven textile, enabling a wide range of design possibilities to be realized.  A variety of design techniques are utilized expanding the range of creative possibilities including jacquard weaving, embossing, embroidery and graphic printing.

All the high performance characteristics of Xorel emanate from the yarn.  Simply put, nothing is added to the woven product to enhance performance; no finishes, no coatings.  Independent laboratories have performed more than 60 tests on Xorel including durability, flammability, indoor air quality and acoustics making it the most thoroughly tested interior textile on the market.

Xorel is a multi-tasking material.  It is equally suited as a directly applied wallcovering, wrapped panel material or as an upholstery solution.  A variety of high performance backings are offered depending on its end use.  In addition it is notable for its versatility in  a wide range of projects; wherever both beauty and performance are required.

Xorel’s high performance does not come at an environmental cost.  Standard Xorel patterns have been fully vetted by MBDC and have achieved Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification.   Biobased Xorel has earned Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification and has a gretly reduced carbon footprint.  Plant-based Xorel contains between 60-85% bio content which is certified with a 3 or 4 star certification from Vincotte OK.   All Xorel patters are Indoor Air Gold Certified from SCS.   Through the Xorel Responsible Return Program, Carnegie will take back any material removed from a project for reuse or shipment to a Waste to Energy facility.  

The Xorel Brand
All “performance” textiles are not created equally.  The truest measure of a products promise is how it measures up in the real world.  Xorel has a proven track record of installations around the globe for 30 years.  The Xorel name assures performance, quality and longevity that is backed by Carnegie through an unprecedented 7 year product warranty.

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