21/01 Creative Collection

Inspired by everything from ordinary found objects, Polish pastries, to natural landscapes, our newest collection delivers innovative product solutions that look as beautiful as they are functional.

As creatives, we are drawn to visual and tactile experiences that provide a feeling of discovery, imprinting enduring memories that form an inexplicable need to dig further. Once infatuated by a concept, we explore and experiment until finally creating a breakthrough—the product itself.

Outlook: Colorful

Xorel Meteor

Time for a refresh! Xorel Meteor, our versatile woven pattern, now encompasses a full spectrum of 80 brilliant hues. The vibrant additions elevate the existing line through a rich and sophisticated color palette that can complement an extensive range of high-traffic applications. In tandem, say hello to three new Xorel textiles—Comet, Ellipse Embroider, and Satellite Embroider, which utilize Meteor as a rich base.

An intensive journey of color research, investigation, and exploration led to the development of brand new Xorel yarns that capture deeply dimensional pigments and layered tones. Curated with your needs in mind, Meteor’s 80 colors reflect not only current trends, but years of input from clients and designers.

Comet’s six saturated colorways evoke depth and texture through a chunky, yet modern construction. Ellipse Embroider comes in three colorways and features an organic, retro design that complements its pigmented base; while Satellite Embroider features a graphic and geometric gridded pattern in three muted colorways.

Versatile in application, all new releases can be specified for panels, upholstery, wallcoverings, and Artform acoustical panels. 

Beautiful, Functional, Sustainable, Colorful.

Acoustical Landscape

Xorel Artform

Inspired by the rhythmic ebbs and flows of natural topography, the new Xorel Artform shapes can create an acoustical terrain by transforming flat walls into multi-dimensional surfaces. Specified individually or as a group, Ridge, Valley, and Peak form a spectacular contrast of mountainous curves and flat spans of land through dynamic layering. Each of the new shapes are available in over 70 new colors, giving designers the reins to customize and create exciting projects.


Ridge adds dimensionality through soft curves that make flat surfaces pop. Available in six sizes, Ridge can be specified as a group to create unique designs that take bland walls to the next level. The panel comes in a 0.5-inch Quiet Core for acoustic buffering.


Valley presents a streamlined form with a slim profile and endless possibilities. Offered in four sizes, the straight-edged panel is compatible with Ridge, allowing designers the ability to mix and match for visually stimulating designs. Valley is available in a 0.5-inch Quiet-Core, 0.6-inch Quiet-Core Plus, and 0.4-inch Mi-Core.


Peak’s exquisite arches form versatile shapes that can be interlocked to create stunning installations. The shape comes in eight styles and 31 sizes for ultimate customization. Peak is offered in 1-inch Quiet-Core and 1.12-inch Quiet-Core Plus.

Rhyme & Reason

High-Performance Upholstery




The Rhyme & Reason upholstery collection celebrates the balance between sumptuous aesthetics and practical cleanability. Whether showcasing a plush velvet that is tolerant to wear, or a bleach-cleanable, modern plaid designed to evoke the delicate stitches of embroidery, each pattern is designed with artistry and performance in mind.

The new line features six sophisticated patterns:


A flamé velvet with a subtle sheen, Bijoux is a timeless fabric that offers a luxe finish through 12 rich colorways. Suitable for upholstery, drapery, and panel applications, Bijoux is finish free and can withstand 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale.


Delicate flecks of color embellish a plush velvet base, giving Dapple a gentle abstract effect. The fabric’s subtle lustre embodies an elevated look, suitable for high-end environments. As durable as it is elegant, Dapple can withstand 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale and is offered in four chic colorways.


Pops of vibrant color accentuate a network of dots on Junction, a bleach-cleanable fabric suitable for both upholstery and panel applications. Made of 53 percent post-consumer recycled polyester and 47 percent polyester, Junction is available in seven colorways and can withstand up to 60,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale. 


Colorful stitches trail across the surface of Reverb, a modern twist on a traditional plaid pattern. Available in seven dynamic and muted colorways, Reverb is bleach cleanable and free of added finishes. The fabric can withstand 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale and is HHI compliant and Kaiser Permanente® approved.


Part of Carnegie’s affordable Elements line, Sonata is an ultra-plush fabric that is resistant to any marks—perfect for high-traffic spaces as upholstery or panel finishes. Offered in 16 versatile colorways, Sonata is HHI compliant and Kaiser Permanente® approved.


Sonnet is a plush upholstery fabric created from a blend of soft chenille and bouclè yarns, offered in eight classic colorways. The fabric can withstand up to 80,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek scale and has a PFOA-free stain-resistant finish—ensuring Sonnet will stay as timeless as it looks.

Sculptural Space Dividers

Coterie Collection

Coterie is a collection of four artfully-crafted, vertical space division panels that provide visual and acoustical buffering for a variety of spaces. Created in collaboration with Polish felt artist Anna Spakowska, Coterie refers to an intimate group with a unifying purpose.

The word “coterie” perfectly describes the versatile panels that come together to enhance the beauty of a space. Crafted from plush Italian wool felt, the four designs feature abstract geometric cutouts inspired by a traditional Polish pastry, faworki, which translates to “angel wings” in English.

Coterie I, II, III, and III Embroider come in nine woolen melange felt hues, while Coterie III Embroider is also offered in four embroidery colorways that provide elegant accents through precise stitching. The carefully-curated color options include shades of blue, red, ochre, and gray in order to allow designers to experiment with their own palette combinations and create unique, standout moments or complement existing aesthetics.

Paired with our simple-to-install hardware, Carnegie Bar or Beam, Coterie delivers a clear pathway to an innovative yet beautiful project solution.

It Starts with a Blank Canvas

Freestanding Space Divider

Carnegie Canvas is a collection of freestanding space dividers that can be effortlessly reconfigured through a modifiable fabric skin on a dual-sided, lightweight aluminum frame. Created with user flexibility in mind, Canvas can be customized with Carnegie’s wide range of textiles as well as create a static or mobile partition through floor plates or caster bases, for a variety of applications that require adaptable furniture pieces.

Canvas can provide a solution for any space due to its malleable textile skin, which comes in bleach cleanable options as well as digital printing for further customization. With over 300 colorways and patterns, Carnegie’s textile offering provides a broad range in color, texture, pattern, and performance. The panel is also available with or without acoustic properties to be used as visual breaks or sound mitigation in multi-purpose open environments.

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