Health and Wellness

We go the extra step of third-party certifying our materials from a performance and environmental standpoint for truly healthy interiors.

Experiences Safe for People and the Planet

The quest for healthy spaces has evolved to many forms of design beyond the medical field. Creating a calm, comfortable and mindful experience has become paramount for many interior environments. At the same time concern around cleanliness and visitor/worker safety is greater than ever.

Carnegie’s performance orientation is a company legacy many decades long. We design solutions with materials that are safe for human health and the planet. We also go the extra step of third party certifying our materials from a performance and environmental standpoint.

Wellness Projects

Lyon 8066 & Genome Embroider 6727

Designer: Astorino
Location: NMC Specialist Hospital, Abu Dhabi
End Use: Wallcovering
Market: Health Wellness
Photo Credit: Edges Trading


Xorel Artform - Waveline

Designer: Hive Design Collaborative
Location: Jenkins and LeBlanc
End Use: Panels
Market: Health Wellness


Affirmation 4126

Location: Healthcare
End Use: Privacy
Market: Health Wellness