Explore our extensive range of textile products for museums that satisfy stringent criteria for display cabinets and provide glare and privacy protection, as well as sound absorption for exhibition spaces.

Elegantly Showcasing and Preserving History

Museums around the world house priceless works of art and history, including paintings, sculptures, and delicate artifacts that not only require an aesthetically engaging presentation, but also meet the most stringent conservation criteria. 

More specifically, these fabrics must pass the Oddy Test, a procedure created at the British Museum in 1973, by conservation scientist William Andrew Oddy, in order to test materials for safety in and around art objects.

Création Baumann offers a wide range of products tested for harmful substances that ensure the protection of valuable cultural assets. The detailed measurement data is available for curators worldwide to facilitate their selection of the most suitable products.

Carnegie’s Xorel fabrics also offer high-performance and sustainable options that have passed the Oddy Test and are suitable for sensitive applications within institutions.

Xorel's versatility makes it a go-to problem solver for designers and end users. Since its introduction in 1981, Xorel's proven high performance across a variety of applications and end uses has earned it the devotion and loyalty of designers and architects around the world. Xorel's multipurpose nature allows it to deliver against the demand of any interior space. Xorel offers beauty, performance, and sustainability, simultaneously. PVC free, Xorel and Biobased Xorel are the most environmentally sound textiles on the planet and Carnegie is committed to continuous improvement around material safety and transparency.

In addition to the tested textiles for display cabinets and displays, Création Baumann also offers a large collection of functional fabrics for use in museums. These textiles offer light and privacy protection and sound control. We develop fabrics that can fulfill individual functions or take on multiple tasks depending on the requirement and application.

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