A Carnegie Original

It’s a challenge: finding a product that offers  beauty, performance and sustainability, simultaneously.  Xorel, our versatile, high-performance textile has been answering this challenge since 1981, and has continued to drive design and sustainable innovation forward ever since. It’s why architects, designers and end users across the globe trust and respect Xorel.

Beautiful, Functional, Sustainable

Beautifully Designed

Xorel is an original with a unique design approach that marries technology, craft, and textile experimentation. Continually pushing innovation boundaries, Xorel offers an endless selection of designs, colors, patterns and constructions across a wide variety of end use applications. Delivering beautiful performance on projects as diverse as educational, office, hospitality and healthcare facilities.

Functional Versatility

Xorel’s versatility makes it a go-to problem-solver for designers. Since its introduction in 1981, Xorel’s proven high-performance across a variety of applications and end-uses has earned it the devotion and loyalty of designers and architects around the world. No matter where you are working, Xorel’s multipurpose nature allows it to deliver against the demands of any interior space.

Sustainable Innovation

Proudly a 100% PVC-free company, our commitment to sustainability stems from the development of Xorel. It drove us to think more expansively about materiality and is the foundation to providing vinyl alternatives. Xorel and Biobased Xorel are the most environmentally sound textiles on the planet, and we are committed to continued improvement around material safety and transparency.

Xorel Innovation

Biobased Xorel

We never settle for the status quo. Which is why in 2013, Carnegie introduced biobased Xorel. A plant rather than fossil-fuel based product, biobased Xorel generates a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Offering the same design beauty and performance as Xorel, it is the first and only biobased textile to earn the Cradle to Cradle Gold and Living Product Challenge certification.

Xorel Artform

Combining artfulness and performance, Xorel Artform is a versatile acoustical panel system with proven, sound-absorbing capabilities. Available in over 350 colors, patterns, and textures in 18 standard shapes and a variety of sizes, Xorel Artform makes a high impact design statement that acoustically transforms wall and ceiling spaces. Best of all, it’s bleach-cleanable and easy to maintain.

Xorel Knit

A breakthrough material, Xorel Knit leverages the exceptional performance and beauty of Xorel with the application versatility of a knitted textile. Specifically engineered to upholster, it has the flexibility to hug the dramatic shapes of modern furniture. The remarkable combination of functionality and sustainability makes Xorel Knit a textile like no other.

High-Performance Benefits

Xorel Yarn

At its core, Xorel yarn’s inherent properties make it the most durable and easily maintained textile ever woven. 100% solution-dyed polyethylene, Xorel yarn is free of chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals, toxic dyes and ozone-depleting chemicals. With no added finishes, coatings or chemistry required to perform, it is inherently stain resistant, colorfast, antibacterial, durable, non-absorbent.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Designed to withstand aggressive cleaning, Xorel’s solution-dyed polyethylene yarn is non-porous, non-fibrous, and keeps dirt and bacteria from getting absorbed or trapped. Most stains can be removed with hot water, but Xorel is also safely cleaned with the most dominant cleaners like quaternary ammonium, bleach, accelerated hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, and even UVC Disinfecting.

Third Party Cert / LEED

To ensure Xorel achieves the highest performance standards, we regularly pursue third-party testing and certification. More than 65 independent tests have vetted Xorel’s performance in areas as varied as durability, cleanability, acoustics, indoor air quality and bacterial resistance. Xorel is the most thoroughly tested textile material on the market and exceeds industry benchmarks.

Backing Options

The design looks great, but can the textile hold up against moisture and aggressive cleaning? Carnegie’s X-Protect™ proprietary backing technologies provide an added layer of protection to prevent stains or moisture from passing through. So whether you are using Xorel on a wall or seating, you can feel confident that neither stains nor moisture will be an issue.

Responsible Return Program

When a Xorel installation is taken down after years of service, Carnegie accepts the return of the material for reuse. Our Responsible Return Program ensures that we take full responsibility for Xorel to be safely re-processed for use in secondary consumer items such as grocery bags, and containers for beverages, cosmetics, shampoos and detergents.

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