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Designing cruise ships is an exciting challenge, but comes with extensive safety requirements. All materials and products used in the design and construction of cruise ships must meet the rigorous testing for fire safety and other performance standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Carnegie offers a wide array of IMO-approved products, ensuring the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and safety for the cruising industry.

Designed with style, sustainability, and safety in mind, Carnegie offers a full suite of IMO-approved solutions for wallcovering, upholstery and window treatments.

Carnegie is proud to introduce our signature textile, Xorel, now available in a wallcovering solution for all marine-grade applications as Xorel Cruise. Xorel Cruise meets the requirements for IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 5 and FTP Code Part 2, bringing Xorel’s 40 year legacy of trusted performance to the cruise market with a line of beautiful, functional, and authentically sustainable wallcoverings. 

Available in 5 distinct, sophisticated patterns over 24 colorways, Xorel Cruise is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, and designed to work in tandem with Carnegie’s suite of IMO products to offer specifiers a holistic design system of stylish, sustainable, and safe materials for the cruise industry.

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Meeting strict cleaning requirements and adhering to marine safety protocols while upholding performance and budget criteria can lead to a challenging specification journey for cruise ship designers. Explore how Carnegie helps balance all of these considerations to help you specify with confidence.

"I love how durable Xorel is – 1 million double rubs with no wear. This product is perfect for high traffic areas, and it is easy to clean."

Cara Paglia, Alliance Architecture

"When working on high-end projects where functionality, durability, and sustainability must deal also with aesthetic, quality, and elegance, Xorel is one of the magic ingredients. Xorel is not just a wall covering for high-traffic corridors, or easy-to-clean surfaces, Xorel is the perfect "skin" to elevate any high-end space while delivering efficiency and durability"

Giuseppe Amato, Vocon NY

"Xorel is our primary go-to material that fulfills function, durability, sustainability, maintenance, and aesthetics. VIVA XOREL!"

Grace Corbin, CHRISTNER Architects

"Anytime I am looking to add another layer of design to a space I reach for Xorel fabric – it is an easy way to upgrade what would have been a typical painted wall into something with depth. There are endless ways to enhance wall designs with Xorel and I will continue to find ways to incorporate it into projects because it reflects what I as a designer want to achieve: a beautiful end product that enhances the wellbeing of the end user and supports the environment."

Emma Keller, Page

"Xorel effortlessly combines performance and style, making it a go-to textile of Taft Studio. Its exceptional durability meets the demands of our commercial projects while adding a touch of sophistication to every design. We genuinely adore Xorel for its reliability and aesthetic appeal!"

Lizzy Bufton, Taft Studio

When deadlines are of the utmost importance, our Xorel Quick Ship program is here to help you save the day.

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Our Design Services help you find the right solutions for your project needs. From curated sample packages based on your specific project requirements, to professionally executed design layouts and renderings for our Acoustic Solutions products. Carnegie Design Services is always complimentary, providing you with 360º support and complete peace of mind while saving you precious billable hours.

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