A Sound Decision

Open spaces in offices, hospitality, education and healthcare present a constant challenge in regards to acoustics. Xorel Artform panels deliver highly effective sound absorption and echo reduction while offering tremendous creative design opportunities. With three available substrates, our panels are rigorously NRC tested for superior acoustic performance.

About the Brand

Carnegie Xorel

Xorel is Carnegie’s high performance, innovative and sustainable interior textile. Xorel was designed from a simple 3-part premise:

- Create a textile whose high performance is inherent to the raw material.

- Leverage its woven construction to enable a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities.

- Ensure that its effect on the environment is always minimal and could always be improved.


How are the panels sold?

Xorel Artform is sold in box sets.

Box sets include panels that are the same shape, size, substrate fabric and color. Installation materials and printed installation guides are also included. For more information view our Pricing page.

What are the panel thicknesses?

Quiet-Core™ is available in 1” thickness and Quiet-Core Plus™ is available in 1 1/8” thickness. Mi-Core™ is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thickness. Artform 3D panels are 1 7/8” thick.

Can custom shapes be created?

A custom shape concept can be submitted for review. Product engineers review the concept for proper tiling functions and if the custom shape can be upholstered properly quotes can be generated. Minimums and design/mock up fee will apply and vary based on request.

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Acoustic Solutions, Endless Possibilities

Our Design Ally® Xorel Artform team helps generate unique design layouts, elevations, including textile color selections, renderings and budget projections based on your vision.