Hyper Stretch

Lean in to Dynamic Design and Superb Sound

Reach beyond the status quo to acoustic elegance with the Hyper Stretch collection, four striking new Xorel Artform products to lavish walls in superior sound design.

The Hyper Stretch Collection

Featuring modern curves and the sensational sustainability of Xorel, the patent-pending Hyper Stretch collection offers unparalleled style and powerful performance to impress your clients.

Drape 3D

Dial up the drama and filter out the noise with the refined contour of the Drape 3D panel. Making it easier than ever to specify and install showstopping walls with over 350 Xorel textile options, Drape 3D panels play with light and shadows in stunning new ways to stylishly absorb unwanted sound.

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Slope 3D

Slide down ambient room sound and bring unique lightplay to any wall with Slope 3D. Its offset dimensional element, enhanced by over 350 Xorel textile options, lends a luxurious texture when installed in rows, columns, or in installations of alternating tiles.

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Range 3D

Eliminate the peaks and valleys of rogue soundwaves with the Range 3D tile. Featuring two offset peaked dimensional elements with over 350 Xorel textile options to choose from, you’ll transform the look of any space while creating remarkable sound.

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Rise 3D

X out unwanted ambient sound while ramping up aesthetics with the Rise 3D tile. Style a look that is as boldly geometric as it is sound absorbent with over 350 Xorel textile options, two crossed dimensional elements, and the simplicity of modern asymmetry.

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Sustainability Made Simple with Xorel

Xorel Artform is crafted utilizing the legendary performance of Xorel textiles, the safest, most environmentally responsible textile on the market. Cradle to Cradle™ Certified, lab tested, and proven for over 35 years, Xorel has the acoustic transparency to allow sound to easily reach its high-powered acoustic substrate, delivering remarkable sound absorption with Materials that Matter™.

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Installation You Depend On

Designed to spec with confidence, Xorel Artform’s fast and simple installation will give you the peace of mind that your installer will love the product as much as your client.

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Custom Tailored to Any Space

No matter the wall, Xorel Artform answers the call. With over 350 textile patterns, textures, and colors to choose from, plus the opportunity to customize shape and size, the Hyper Stretch collection goes the distance to delight your clients.

Design in Half the Time

Get the support you need to create acoustically healthy spaces your clients will love with Carnegie Acoustic Design Services. From samples to spec, we'll save you billable hours through acoustic product curation and the delivery of professionally executed design layouts and renderings to help wow your clients. Our cost-free service will even provide you with budget projections and design optimization to help you bring your vision to reality.

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Start with an Idea

Hit the ground running on your next project with Idea Starters, a curated library of Xorel Artform layouts developed by our Acoustic Solutions Design team. Including the new Hyper Stretch tiles, sort by shape, space size, or budget to get just what you need to start off strong.

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Perfectly Paired

The Xorel Artform “Hyper Stretch” collection is part of the Hyper Sonic launch from Carnegie Acoustic Solutions. Developed together to reach acoustic harmony in any space, the Hyper Sonic launch also includes the Kirei “Hyper Rhythm” collection of recycled PET acoustics.

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