Keeping it Simple with a Symmetrical Design

Keeping it Simple with a Symmetrical Design

Design: CO Architects

Location:Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA

Product: Kirei Simple Baffles

End Use: Acoustics

Photography: Timmerman Photography

Design Challenge

Balancing sound control and quality lighting

While abstract sculptures or staggering elements may be trendy, symmetry is always in vogue. Baffles bring an ease to this style - just align, space out evenly, and hang for a seamless, clean-ceiling design. Lights can be installed between every baffle or in a symmetrical sequence for an effortlessly stunning result. Bring this look into larger open work spaces or auditoriums where sound control and quality lighting is especially important. With an array of baffle options including Simple Baffle+, H Baffle, O Baffle, and more, there are plenty of options to spice up the symmetry in any space.

Set the scene and find the right mood with well-balanced acoustics and lighting. Connect with a rep to learn more about incorporating acoustics into your next lighting solution.