Terms of Sale


Terms are net 30 days for customers with open accounts. You may apply for an open account by sending us the names, addresses, and fax numbers of four trade credit references and your bank with your account number.

Xorel Artform and Carnegie Artform

  1. These General Sales Terms apply to all sales agreements of Carnegie Xorel Artform and Carnegie Artform.
  2. Xorel Artform and Carnegie Artform pricing is based on Artform panels wrapped in approved Xorel and Carnegie textiles.
  3. Xorel Artform and Carnegie Artform is manufactured solely with Xorel and Carnegie fabrics and cannot be manufactured with COM.

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Our Xorel Artform team is here to help by quickly delivering layouts, renderings and budget projections to support your project requirements.

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Think of our studio as an extension of your studio.

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As your ally, we sweat the design and technical details. Whether you have a product- or application-related question, consider us your technical helpline.

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