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Available Applications:

Fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up, Xorel Artform is the optimal solution to address post-occupancy acoustical issues.


The ability to horizontally hang panels or panel groupings to reduce reflected sound opens up the opportunities for creative acoustical solutions overhead.


Vertically suspended ceiling baffles not only open up design possibilities but also allow for sound absorption on both sides for increased sound clarity.

Selected Product:
Selected Product:


Substrates + Thickness:
Quiet Core™ This acoustical substrate is sound absorbing, formaldehyde-free and manufactured with 20% post-consumer recovered materials. It is available in a 1” thickness and used for all 3D shapes. It meets ASTM E84 Class A/Class 1. Not recommended as a tackable surface.

Acoustical Substrate | NRC of .80, 1" Thickness

Quiet Core Plus™ A tackable and acoustical solution. Constructed with a 1/8" high density substrate of inorganic minerals & wool blend fastened to the face of the standard Quiet-Core panel. This panel provide tackability and exceptional acoustical performance. Also ideal for high traffic areas.

Acoustical & Tackable Substrate | NRC of .80

Mi-Core™ This tackable substrate offers moderate acoustical properties. Mi-Core is constructed with inorganic minerals and fibers making it resistant to moisture and warping. Mi-Core is a dense material recommended for high traffic areas. It is available in 1/2" & 3/4" thickness. It meets ASTM E84 Class A/Class 1. 3D shapes are not available in Mi-Core Substrate.

Tackable Substrate | NRC of .30 Available in 3/4" thickness only

Box Sets:
Standard Shapes

3-6 prefabricated panels per box

Each box includes all installation and adhesive materials.

Minimum order is 1 box.

Hardware for Ceiling Horizontal Suspension-Individual method is sold separately

  • ASTM E84 Class A/Class 1
Available Sizes:
Available Applications by Panel Size:

Why Xorel Artform

  • Show Germs No Mercy

    Panel can be aggressively cleaned with water soluble cleaners, bleach, and many other hospital grade disinfectants. Lightfast, and stands up to abuse and tearing in high-traffic areas.

  • Hassle-free Install

    Fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up, Xorel Artform is the optimal solution to address post occupancy acoustical issues.

  • Best in the World, Best for the World

    Always free of PVC, finishes, chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals and ozone depleting chemicals. Biobased options available.

  • We've Got You Covered

    Crafted in the US with highest quality standards, the panels are backed by a 5 year warranty.

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