Design Possibilities

Xorel is a design solution - whose possibilities are as expansive as a client's imagination. As a woven product numerous design techniques including dobby and jacquard weaving, embossing, embroidery, appliquéing and digital printing lead to a broad array of aesthetic possibilities.




Xorel offers a vast color palette of possibilities. As a solution dyed product, color is embedded in the fiber during manufacturing assuring remarkable lightfastness and richly saturated colors. Available in more than 500 standard colorways, thousands more are possible for custom projects.


Xorel textiles bring structure and dimension to an interior through creative weave and yarn combinations. It can deliver a decorative ambiance enabling a designer to achieve a silk/linen look with the performance of a highly durable finish. Show Xorel Textures



As a woven material there are endless opportunities. Using both dobby and jacquard technology, Xorel patterns can be created in full 54 inch width repeats and virtually limitless vertical repeats. Any style of look can be achieved with the added impact of large-scale repeats to help achieve dramatic results. Show Xorel Patterns


Xorel Emboss delivers a subtle decorative effect through heat roller technology. All designs are engineered for wallcovering, upholstery or panel use while all the high performance properties are retained. The end result is a sophisticated look in a tough as nails material. Show Xorel Emboss



Xorel Embroider marries the artfulness of embroidery with the superior performance of Xorel. Using advanced embroidery technology decorative stitches are used to create surface designs with almost no limitations. Most importantly, this is achieved using only the high performance Xorel yarn. Show Xorel Embroider


Xorel Appliqué explores the blending of a modern innovative material with a traditional textile craft process. Xorel is embellished by appliquéing decorative design motifs in the secondary layer of Xorel. Multiple fabric layers, fine stitches, cutouts and embroidery are all part of the craft. Show Xorel Appliqué



The limitless possibilities of print are now available with the performance of Xorel. On a specially developed paper foundation large full-scale prints are achieved. A secondary jacquard Xorel is layered on top to create a beautifully subtle effect; thereby delivering the same performance as any other Xorel product. Show Xorel Graphic