What Matters Most 

We respect our people, our clients, and the planet. These core principles define who we are, how we behave, and are what drive us forward.

Our Vision

People, Process, Planet

Carnegie was built on three fundamental principles – design excellence, a commitment to employees and clients, and the pursuit of sustainable materials. These commitments led to the research and development of Xorel, our innovative, and sustainable brand. It also led us to become the first, and only, PVC-free textile and wallcovering company. As a natural extension to these values, Carnegie became a certified B Corp in 2014.

No Finish Is The Best Finish

This is our mantra. Designing high-performing products is always our priority. How we pursue that development eliminates the need for additional finishes. “No finish is the best finish” guides our product development and innovation.

Sustainable Innovation

World’s First Biobased High-Performance Textile

We are always raising the bar on sustainability. Carnegie introduced Biobased Xorel in 2013, a plant-based product with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Offering the same design beauty and performance as our Xorel brand, it is the first and only biobased textile to earn Cradle to Cradle Gold and Living Product Challenge certification.

A Force For Good

A certified B Corp since 2014, Carnegie believes in business for good for our employees, clients, and the planet. Being profitable, while making a positive difference, should be the norm. We share B Corp’s mission that one day all companies will compete not only to be the best IN the world, but the best FOR the world.

Forever PVC-free

Carnegie is the first, and only, 100% PVC-free textile and wallcovering company. And that’s a forever promise. For every product solution we create, from walls and windows to furniture, we are dedicated to finding sustainable, high-performing and eco-friendly alternatives.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We believe in material transparency. It's not enough for us to say our products are the best - independent, third-party certification, annual data reviews, auditing and testing repeatedly prove that our products exceed industry benchmarks. We provide Health Product Declarations for every product.

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